Created by Imran Patel, Shakeel Adam & Ridwan Asmal NWABA has developed and expanded to become the premier voice and forum for Asian businesses in the North West of England.

NWABA was established in recognition of the huge contribution Asian businesses make to the NW economy. A study by the Manchester-based Institute of Asian Professionals showed that in 2013 when Asians made up 2.5 per cent of the population, they accounted for 10 per cent of the country’s economic output, at that time BRITISH Asians generated a “staggering” £103bn a year to the UK economy, even though many arrived in this country penniless, homeless and unable to speak English.

NWABA is widely regarded as the most important forum for Asian businesses in the NW and is the voice of Asian businesses in the NW.

NWABA’s success is a true reflection of the success of Asian business in the UK.

NWABAs objective is to:

Create business opportunities and positive outcomes for its members and partners, NWABA will act as an enabler and promoter of best business practice. By doing so, it will promote a multi-cultural atmosphere, foster harmonious community relations address any potential discrimination.

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